Pamplonaescultura / Iruñakulturada



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Ejército Avenue. 31002 - Pamplona. Navarra

Built in 1580. A former vaulted room, giving access to the Socorro gateway. After the gateway was walled-up in 1720, over the years it became a chapel. Today, it is used by the City Council for holding civil wedding ceremonies.

Right by the Bastion of Santa María, the Hall of Philip II or “Sala de Felipe II” is a vaulted space used since 2000 for holding civil weddings. Built in 1580, this was the original Gate of Socorro, leading outside along a platform or ramp – and then a chapel.

The current Gate of Socorro dates from 1720 and connects the Citadel and the green space of Vuelta del Castillo, along a wooden bridge – once a drawbrige and then along a stone bridge that crosses the ravelins and the counterguard of Santa Isabel over the moats.

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