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Ejército Avenue. 31002 - Pamplona. Navarra.

This building located within the Citadel premises has three levels. The ground floor is intended to host cultural activities and other contemporary artistic proposals, and the first and second floors are consecrated to exhibitions and art workshops. Receptions, congresses, conferences, concerts, exhibitions of significant public and private collections as well as exhibitions of individual artists are held there. Further thematic, heritage, history or architecture exhibitions are also displayed there. Entry to these exhibitions is free.

Historic building, designed for artillery arsenal purposes. It was built between 1725 and 1752. Old artillery arsenal designed by the prestigious engineer Verboom, who was also the author of the citadel of Barcelona, among many other projects. Today it hosts artistic and cultural showcases.

The building consists of three rectangular floors and two staircases plus a lift between the ground and first floors. The building rests on a stone and plastered brick base. The ground floor is at zero ground level and is accessible through 4 doors. The floor is made of old, porous brick, except for the ground floor, where is made of stone. The building has temperature and humidity control systems, plus a radio frequency fire and/or smoke detection system.


Chema Madoz y Helena Almeida, Diseños habitados – Until January 21, 2024.

Tuesday to Saturday: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm & 6 pm to 8:30 pm.
Sundays and public holidays: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Monday: Closed.


Room 1 measures 15.1 m x 34.5 m, with a total 520.95 square metres. This space is divided by a double column system in the central part (4.70 m x 30.5 m) and two on the sides (4.70 m x 25 m), which in turn can be divided into 28.09 square metre sections. 6 movable modules on wheels measuring 2.30 m (width) x 0.60 m (base) x 3.60 m (height) add up to the 163 linear metres of wall space. Room 2 measures 8.40 m x 35.53 m, with a total 298.45 square metres. It has twelve 2.28 m x 5.40 m plywood panels amounting to a total 54.8 linear metres of wall space, plus a 2.40 m x 4 m module.


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